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Since that time, the company has offered five more cruises (most recently in December) ranging from three to five nights in locations including Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Cougar cruises take place aboard a large, commercial ship alongside thousands of other non-cougar vacationers.

While Gosse had experimented with hosting events for older women and younger men in the past, he said they only gained traction when he labeled them “cougar events” that year.

The term cougar was popularized in 2002 by Valerie Gibson when she released her best-selling book “Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men.” Although Thomas was initially fearful that her company would receive negative backlash, three years later, she said she’s glad she took the chance.

It was all stuff I had done 30 years ago.” Post-Ship Relationships Not every woman walks away from the cougar cruise with a marriage proposal, like Manderino.

Lee said she didn’t meet a special someone on the cruise and only kept in touch with one male friend from the trip.

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