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What does a suburban neighborhood in Yemen look like? But for all of the anthropological details to be gleaned from the map, the specific streams, often watched by one or two people, are reliably dull.

Any activity that might be improved by killing time puttering around on Facebook is now an activity that can also be shared on Facebook.

As inane as the premise was, it was also sticky: What would happen next?

The rubber-band placers, aflutter with esprit de corps, amped up the crowd and heightened the anticipation.

"Cute program," you say, "But who wants to chat over a raw TCP connection? Let's modernize it by turning it a web application.

Rubber bands, in sufficient numbers, act on a watermelon like a murderous corset, gripping the firm, green flesh and squeezing until an unnatural waistline appears.

Media companies, generally speaking, do not say no to Facebook, giver of traffic, and they certainly don’t say no when Facebook is trying out something that could, theoretically, be good for branding.

With echo, we copy a connection's incoming data back to the same connection.

For chat, we must copy the incoming data from one user's connection to another's. As in real life, the hard part is matching one partner with another.

In April, it updated its mobile app to showcase them. Last week, Facebook Live had its biggest hit yet, when a video of a woman getting the giggles while trying on a Chewbacca mask went viral.

It has also paid celebrities and various media outlets, had one of its editors explain all of the open tabs on his browser. (It now has upward of 140 million views.) What Facebook Live offers users isn’t new; it’s just new to Facebook.

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