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In Hampton’s first year as a Bulldog in 1987, he rushed for 890 yards, averaging 7.1 yards per carry.

In later generations, it’s the same story, just with different names — at least for the players who grew up with ties to Georgia.

And anytime a new running back starts to show signs of potential, Walker’s name slips into conversations because, Smith said, “everybody loves to compare you to Herschel if you're doing good.” Walker has become the crux around which Georgia’s tradition of running backs has flourished, and when there’s debate as to which schools are historically the best at this position, Walker certainly doesn’t hurt Georgia’s case.“Obviously, we've got Herschel,” Gurley said.

A few years later, when Hampton was going through the recruiting process, Georgia sent him a few letters.

Hampton said he “flashed back to 1980,” remembering how Walker ran the ball, proving that Georgia was a program where freshmen could contribute.

It turns into a recruiting tool, something former Bulldog running back Thomas Brown said he used to his advantage when he coached his old position at Georgia in 2015.

(And he still does, just now he’s the offensive coordinator at Miami, where there’s also a tradition of strong tailbacks.) He said it helps to be able to give recruits “real-life examples” of players who had successful college careers and went on to play professionally.

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