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When a low, steady voice from behind calls my name, my heart rate shoots up.It is the same voice that slimed its way out of my i Phone receiver a few days ago when I arranged this pub meeting with a potential new ‘landlord’.To investigate exactly how easy it is to post this sort of offer, I attempt to post adverts of my own on the main three websites women my age use to find a place to rent: Spare Room (it is immediately flagged and doesn’t make it onto the site), Gumtree (my advert is removed after a few days) and Craigslist (where it still is now – and sadly had three replies within the first week of being live).I schedule a call with Gemma Allen-Muncey, operations director of Spare Room and the woman in charge of the team who regulate which adverts make it onto the site, to discuss.He buys me a glass of white wine, as a friend (who I’ve brought along as a safety precaution) slips into the bar to observe from a table across the way.“So, as you’ll have seen in the advert, the house is beautiful.When I ask about her family, her eyes fall downwards to the table.She explains they don’t live nearby and seems reluctant to talk about them, so I don’t push it. “I have told one friend what I’m doing and she said I’m crazy, but what other choice do I have?

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Conway gives me an example of the case of R v Kirk, where a homeless teenager agreed to sex with a man in exchange for £3.25 to buy food.

“Men on Craigslist have given me somewhere to stay in the city temporarily, while I go for job interviews close by,” says Natalie. I feel lucky really as he seems friendly and has even been helping me rewrite my CV,” she says, clutching her coffee.

My stomach folds like a deckchair at the word “lucky”.

It’s one of four properties that I own across London.

I’m very fortunate to have run my own business since I was 24 – your age. I swallow the Sauvignon and he continues, “I don’t have any rules, apart from that there are to be no men in the house.

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