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The term "Women in Refrigerators" used to describe a common trope where a woman is brutally murdered in order to progress the male protagonist's story line. The reason we call it that and not “writers being horrible to women” is because in Green Lantern #54 (1994), written by Ron Marz, Kyle Rayner, the title hero, comes home to his apartment to find that his girlfriend, Alex De Witt, had been killed by the villain Major Force and stuffed in a refrigerator.

Murdock had feelings of guilt and failure, but he eventually tired of Heather's partying ways.

Eventually, Karen’s dad became a super villain, died saving his daughter from his own death trap.

Her relationship with Murdock hits a downward spiral when he reveals his secret identity to, setting off a long break-up which concluded with her departure from the.

Matt tries to convince Elektra to change her ways and love him again but Elektra merely rejects him.

In her first appearance she was kidnapped by the Gael, who tied her to a chair and gagged her.She was contracted to kill his best friend and law partner, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson.When Foggy recognized her, Elektra realized she could not carry out the contract and spared his life.What was funny about this time is he was spending all this time doing “For her” he was not spending ANY time with her at all.In fact he was ignoring her so much while she was in pain (probably has to do with attacking her company and dead dad.) that Foggy and Black Widow, believing her relationship with Matt to be the cause of their stress, wrote fake break up notes to each her and Matt.

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