If I could have my ladies over once a week and Sarah could have her friends visit… In good news, we’re seriously planning some mid-year meetups, because these kids miss each other like crazy, even with emails.

We visited the Four Corners Monument, ostensibly where the states of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado meet, but really entirely in New Mexico, as Sarah learned in her book from last month, “Maphead.”We took an hourlong detour into Atlanta so I could get my picture taken in front of the CDC headquarters, in the rain, on a Saturday night.

The company has won two Oscars from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In 1995, Prévinaire and his team won the technical achievement award for inventing the Flying-Cam technology.

Growing up in Belgium, Prévinaire’s father―a private pilot and ninth-generation notary―introduced him to aviation and the hobby of flying radio-controlled aircraft.


This all comes in a special presentation hardback box and with 24 colour page booklet with lyrics and fan photos.“You have those two parts—arts and sciences—and it’s actually one of the most challenging situations when science needs to serve the arts,” Previnaire notes. That brings the technology to a challenge to meet the requirements.” Early on, Prévinaire relied on his knowledge of aviation to select a standard helicopter design as the best platform to carry video and film cameras for television and movie productions. I always looked for that in the design of the Flying-Cam system,” he says.“I looked for the maximum potential out of the platform.” Today, although the basic design might appear similar, the capabilities of Flying-Cam’s 3.0 SARAH have changed considerably.This was basically a bucket-list item for me; I hope to work for the CDC some day.In amazing serendipity, our drive home from Free to Be took us through the Texas town where Sarah’s friends Cam and Liv (and my friend Rachel, and her husband, Josh) live.

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